Filling & Closing Machines | End of Line Packaging | Automation

for Food & Nonfood

End of Line Packaging

modular | flexible | individual

Filling Machine

wet cleanable | hygienic | process-safe


fast | economical | individual

Packaging Solutions for Food & Nonfood

BUHMANN PAC SOLUTIONS has been developing and manufacturing packaging machines for the food & non-food sector for over 40 years. BUHMANN provides solutions for end-of-line packaging machines, filling lines and automation tasks in the packaging process.

Filling and Closing Machines

wet cleanable | hygienic | process-safe

End of Line Packaging

Case Packer | Case Erector | Sleever


fast | economical | individual

Automated Thermoformers & Traysealers

Manufacturer-independent automation solutions around Thermoformers and Traysealers. Tryed and tested, proven solutions.
Suitable for new machines and retrofitting of existing systems.

Line Converger

Converger after thermoforming machines

Stacking Unit

Product Stacker for Hand Packing Stations

Lane Unification

Belt Converger

Paper Inserter

For Thermoformers & Traysealer





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