End of Line Packaging Machine for American Case (RSC)

Case Packer & Case Erector for American Case (RSC) Cartons



  • Case Packer or Case Erector
  • American Case Cartons
  • Flexible Format
  • Individual Product Grouping
  • Standing & Lying Presentation
  • Optional automatic Format Change

Use Case


Der Sammelpacker SERVOKART C100 sammelt primärverpackte Produkte (Tiefziehpackungen, Beutel, Becher, Flaschen, Blister u.a.) und verpackt sie in einen vorgeklebten American Case Karton. Das kompakte Maschinenkonzept kann an die individuellen Kundenanforderungen und Leistungen angepasst werden und ist erhältlich als

  • Sammelpacker C100 mit Produktbeladung
  • Kartonaufrichter C100 ohne Produktbeladung

Format Range & Carton Design

The format range of the C100 is limited to the commercially available variants of the

  • American Case (RSC) cartons

Matched and can be individually expanded, combined and customized. The flat pre-glued American Case cartons are individually removed from the magazine and automatically unfolded in the machine. In the case packer variant C100-P, the unfolded cartons are loaded with the pre-grouped products. The carton is then completely closed and glued with hot glue.

Product Presentation

The products are collected and grouped in a way that is easy on the packaging.
The standardized function modules allow an individual combination of

  • tracks / rows / layers in the carton
  • for lying & standing product presentation

Machine Options

  • Automatic format change
  • Testing technology
  • Labeling & labeling systems
  • Individual requirements

Flexible for your requirement

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