End of Line Packaging Machine for American Case (RSC)

Case Packer & Case Erector for American Case (RSC) Cartons



  • Case Packer or Case Erector
  • American Case Cartons
  • Flexible Format
  • Individual Product Grouping
  • Standing & Lying Presentation
  • Optional automatic Format Change

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOKART C100 case packer collects primary packed products (thermoformed packs, pouches, cups, bottles, blisters, etc.) and packs them into a pre-glued American Case carton. The compact machine concept can be adapted to individual customer requirements and performance and is available as

  • Case packer C100-P with product loading
  • Case erector C100 without product loading

Format Range & Carton Design

The format range of the C100 is optimized to the commercially available variants of the

  • American Case (RSC) cartons

and can be individually expanded, combined and customized. The flat pre-glued American Case cartons are individually removed from the magazine and automatically unfolded in the machine. In the case packer variant C100-P, the unfolded cartons are loaded with the pre-grouped products. The carton is then completely closed and glued with hot glue.

Product Presentation

The products are collected and grouped in a way that is easy on the packaging.
The standardized function modules allow an individual combination of

  • tracks / rows / layers in the carton
  • for lying & standing product presentation

Machine Options

  • Automatic format change
  • Testing technology
  • Labeling & labeling systems
  • Individual requirements
American Case RSC 3

Flexible for your requirement

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