Paper Inserter for Thermoforming Machines & Traysealer

Manufacturer independent Insertion Unit for Cartons, Papers or Cuction Inserts



  • Manufactor-independent thermoforming machines / tray sealers
  • Suction inserts / paper inserts / cartons
  • Format flexible

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOSET L100 can be additionally attached to a thermoforming machine or to a traysealer. Depending on its positioning on the thermoformer, the SERVOSET L100

  • inserts cartons
  • paper inserts, greaseproof papers or
  • suction inserts

under the product or on top of the product in the primary packaging.


The flexible paper and absorbent pad unit is characterized by the fact that the unit can be used on almost

  • All common thermoforming machines / tray sealers

and their formats can be adapted. The unit can be mounted on and next to the primary packaging line.
By expanding the primary packaging lines with a SERVOSET L100, manual insertion operations are easily and cost-effectively automated.

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