End of Line Packaging Machine for System Cartons


Case Packer or Case Erector for Discount optimized System Cartons



  • Case Packer or Case Erector
  • Discount optimized system cartons
  • With lid / without lid
  • Maximum Carton Options with minimum cutting costs
  • Flexible in Format
  • Individual product grouping
  • Standing & Lying Presentation
  • Optional automatic format change

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOKART C400 case packer collects primary packed products (thermoformed packs, bags, cups, bottles, blisters, etc.) and packs them into the specially developed “Shelf Star” system carton, which withstands all the requirements of discount retail.
The C400 was developed in parallel with the system carton and is designed for the different carton variants and options. The system is available as

  • case packer C400P with product loading
  • carton erector C400 without product loading

Format Ranges & Carton Design

In the system-development of the SERVOKART C400 and the “Shelf Star” carton blank, the

  • Maximizing carton options while
  • Maximization of cutting costs in focus.

All carton variants of the Shelf Star can be processed with the SERVOKART C400. The Shelf Star is characterized by the following features & options:

Product Presentation

The products are collected and grouped in a way that is gentle on the packaging.
The standardized function modules allow an individual combination of

  • tracks / rows / layers in the carton
  • for lying & standing product presentation

Machine Options

  • Automatic format changeover
  • Testing technology
  • Labeling & labeling systems
  • Individual requirements

Carton Options

  • Borders
  • Lid variations
  • Display cartons & display handle protectors
  • Stage folding
  • Stacking corners & braces

Flexible for your requirement

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