Automation Solutions for Packaging Processes

BUHMANN’s Automation Solutions are specialized for Packaging Processes in the Food and Non-Food sectors

Whether solutions for the optimization of manual workstations with line unification, case loading and stacking aids, or the automation of primary products such as chocolates in blisters, BUHMANN designs solutions based on customer requirements.

Stacking Unit

Product Stacker for Hand Packing Stations

Line Converger

Pick & Place Converger

Belt Converger

Lane Unification

Pick & Place Modul

Aligning | Sorting | Mixing | Loading

Robot Modul

Aligning | Sorting | Mixing | Loading

Belt & Conveyor Technology

Aligning | Sorting | Mixing | Transporting

Paper Inserter

for Thermoformers & Traysealer

Customized Modular Packaging Line

Customized Packaging Processes


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