Carton Erector for Cup Trays

High performance Tray Erector for non pre-glued Cup Trays



  • Carton erector
  • Continuous production
  • Highest output
  • maximum format flexibility without format parts
  • Automatic format changeover at the push of a button
  • Optional connection of loading system

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOKART C700 carton erector erects flat carton blanks (hole trays) into cup trays. The machine is designed for highest performance. The carton blanks are continuously and precisely fed. With an innovative transport system based on magnetically driven movers, maximum format flexibility is achieved.

Format Ranges & Carton Design

The format change takes place automatically at the push of a button without format part change. Single & multi-row perforated trays e.g. 5s, 10s and 20s with different features can be produced and combined.

Product Presentation

The C700 can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a production line.
For example, a pick & place module (PF400) or a robot module (PF800) can insert filled yogurt cups or other products from the filling line directly into the erected crates from the C700.

Machine Options

  • Automatic format changeover
  • Testing technology
  • Labeling & labeling systems
  • Individual requirements

Carton Options

  • glued center bar
  • different heights
  • Various number of tracks
  • flexible number of rows

Flexible for your requirement

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