Handling Module for Aligning | Sorting | Mixing | Loading of Products & Packages


Individual Robot Module as stand-alone Unit or in-line System



  • Individual requirements in the handling area
  • Single module unit or connected in series
  • Connection to existing systems
  • Handling of different products & packaging
  • High performance

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOFEED PF800 is a robot module that is optionally and depending on the requirements and automation task executed with a suitable robot type. For example, delta robots are used for fast pick&place tasks in the confectionery industry.

The robotic cell also finds its use inproduct and packaging handling.
For example, manual workstations are automated to increase the degree of automation. Other typical tasks for the module are:

  • Sorting
  • Mixing
  • Align
  • Load

The module can be used as a single unit or connected in series as a complete automation line.



The PF800 flexible robotic cell processes various primary packaged products (thermoformed packs, pouches, cups, bottles, blisters, etc.) or empty or filled packages.
The machine can be used as a link between

  • Filling machines
  • final packaging machines
  • Palletizing systems

can be used.
Other conceivable processes in the production flow can also be automated with this module.

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