Independent line Singulation after Thermoforming machines

Pick & Place Singulation from multiple Lanes to one Lane



  • Empty pack detection
  • Single pack ejection
  • Direct film throughput
  • Suitable for new thermoforming machines & existing equipment
  • Vendor-independent connection
  • Other multi-track machines

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOFEED PF410 & PF420 are line separators for products from multi-lane production lines to a single-lane onward transport e.g. of thermoformed packs.

The machine connects to the upstream machine via a height-adjustable infeed belt. The split belts guarantee optimum pack transfer at the manufacturer-independent thermoformer. The belt speed of the PF410/ PF420 automatically adjusts to the feed speed of the thermoforming line.

The line takes over the pack formation at the longitudinal cut from the thermoformer and separates it by means of a pick & place system for downstream line components such as scales, metal detectors, labelers, and others.

The PF420 variant is used for a longer take-off length and higher performance parameters.

Machine Options

  • Turning packs
  • Connecting shingle belt


The SERVOFEED PF410/ PF420 ensures a smooth production process by

  • process-safe product transfer
  • continuous product discharge
  • constant spacing of the products

The format change is carried out in just a few steps. Due to an intelligent arrangement of the suction cups on the format plate, different format ranges can be covered.

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