Product Stacker for manual Packing Stations and semi-automatic Stacking Processes

Flexible Production aid for daily Challenges in Food Production



  • Quick delivery
  • Practical optional extensions
  • Various stacking heights
  • Easy operation
  • Right & Left-hand design

Use Case


The SERVOFEED PF200 product stacker is a compact, stand-alone stacking aid that assists production personnel with

  • manual
  • semi-automatic
  • .

Packaging tasks or in the pre-packaging of products.
The products are taken over 1-lane, product stacks of the same or different height.
e.g. stack height 6-8-6-8 packs
are formed and can be further processed manually.


The classic application area of the SERVOFEED PF200 is adjoining

  • Control devices e.g. balances or metal detectors
  • Line separation e.g. after a thermoforming machine

The resulting product stacks can then be manually converted

  • E2 boxes
  • Cardboard boxes

to be used. The stand-alone packaging aid features an ergonomic working height. The space-saving machine can be quickly moved by means of a lift truck or in the mobile version. The quick-change system enables a

  • Flexible format use for different pack sizes
  • precise & product-friendly stacking

Depending on layout requirements, the machine is available in left & right-hand versions.

Machine Options

  • Mobile version for flexible use in production
  • Execution for extra long packs
  • Extended fan chain for more stacks (operation by 2 persons)
  • different fan widths

Flexible for your requirement

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