Filling and Closing Machine up to 12.000 / h

Linear filling machine for pumpable, flowable & pasty products



  • up to 200 cups / min
  • pumpable, flowable & pasty products
  • wet cleanable
  • ergonomic handling
  • balcony construction

Use Case

Machine Description

The SERVOFILL F300 fills all types of pumpable, flowable and pasty products into preformed cups, cans, thermoformed trays & other containers. The machine features a compact and space-saving balcony design. Depending on performance requirements, the machine can be configured with up to 6 lanes. For higher performance requirements, the SERVOFILL F400 is used.

A wide variety of products from the food, pet food and other industries can be dosed, filled and processed.
Application examples are:

  • Pastes, deli salads, spreads, chunky products
  • Butter, yogurt, dairy products
  • Sauces, soups
  • pet food

The SERVOFILL F300 convinces with a hygienic design with many advantages such as

  • ergonomic operation
  • package feeding without step assistance
  • hygienic wet cleaning
  • maintenance-friendly access to the drive components

Machine Options

  • Buffer magazine for extended runtimes
  • Feeding prefilled cups
  • additional dosing stations
  • Dosing with weighing system
  • Multihead scale
  • Tendency control
  • Garnish station
  • Fruit admixer

Construction & Function modules

Linear and hygienic Design

The linear system design avoids rotational forces on the product, reducing the degree of contamination in the system.
Hygiene classes I to IV (hygiene class “Ultra Clean”) are achieved with the selection of application-specific functions.

Plate conveyor and format changeover

The packaging materials are transported via a chainless plate belt on which the formats find their place. Format changeover is automatic via program selection. The double-cycle technology, as well as quick-change filling valves and sealing heads, make format changeover efficient and easy.

Funnel and dosing

Depending on the product processing (cold or hot filling), the hopper can be double-walled and with heating function. The hopper is designed with an agitator if required by the product viscosity.
Filling is performed precisely by a volumetric feeder.

Hygienic filling and packaging material sterilization

To achieve the required shelf life of the product, the use of packaging material and/ or blank sterilization is necessary. For example, UVC packaging disinfection or pulsed light systems are used. If the product filling additionally requires a filtered ambient condition, the machine room can be extended by means of Laminar Air flow hood.

Sealing station

Sealing of primary packaging is possible with pre-cut plastic or aluminum blanks or from the roll. For extended shelf life without chemicals, sealing can be done under MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Manual or integrated CIP cleaning

The filling line can be cleaned manually or via a CIP system if desired. The CIP – Clean in Place System – cleans all product-carrying components without disassembly. The CIP system can be connected to the customer’s existing systems or supplemented with a separate CIP cart.

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